Vinayaka - the protector   (rectangular in wire)

Vinayaka - the protector (rectangular in wire)

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Part of the collection titled “Vinayaka” , which comprises of different artisitic forms of Lord Ganesha, the most popular God in Indian Mythology whose blessings are seeked before beginning an important task. Designed by Sonali in traditional as well as modern styles, this is a unisex collection that can be worn by men-women, young and old and can serve as an ideal gift option during festivals and special family occasions.

Height : 01.30mm   Width : 22.00mm   Length : 38.00mm

Gold Weight in 18KT: 04.50 Grams

Gold Weight in 14KT: 03.60 Grams

Diamond Weight: 0.05 Cts

Diamond Quality: VVS-VS