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Sphere is a world of love and passion, a journey of art and design, where precious materials like gold, gems and diamonds are fashioned into some of the most exquisite pieces of beauty.

Sonali Sheth and her brother Premal Shah have been the life force of Sphere, nurturing it from humble beginnings in their father’s office.

our journey

In 1998, while still in college, Sonali won the highly coveted De Beers Award, which is considered to be the Oscars of jewellery design. Soon after, she put up her first exhibition in Mumbai which was a complete sell-out, with friends and relatives asking for more! This is lead to marked the genesis of Sphere.
The journey continued, with Premal joining in, and custom orders flowing in without any advertising. Customers appreciated their style and built their confidence to set up a retail showroom. After 6 years ‘Sphere’ was officially launched in 2004 right in the heart of the Diamond City of Surat.

What makes ‘Sphere’ unique is that we are one of the very few jewellery stores in India who manage to have their Design Studio and Manufacturing Workshop right next door. This is the secret behind the enviable popularity of Sphere’s designs, craftsmanship and service.
It’s no surprise therefore, that Sphere has carved a niche for itself as one of the best places for "one of a kind" jewels in Surat. aims to create the same ‘magic’ on the online platform for jewellery lovers worldwide.


Both its partners are internationally qualified jewellery professionals with thorough expertise in their respective fields.

Together they make an immensely versatile and talented team, and that’s what makes Sphere different and special.

Premal Shah | Diamond Grading Expert & Administrative Head

Is a graduate Jeweler trained at GIA – USA and a Diamonds Graduate from HRD, Belgium. A thorough diamond expert with over 15 years of experience in diamond grading.

Sonali Sheth | Design Expert & Creative Head

With a number of national and international trophies to her credit including the De Beers Award. Graduate Gemologist from GIA – USA. Design and Manufacturing Graduate from SNDT Mumbai and the leading force behind Surat’s popular Jewelsprings Design Centre – a premier jewellery design institute since 2003. @*

Late. Sudhir Shah | Diamond Manufacturing Expert & Advisor

Is the father of Sonali and Premal. With over 40 years of experience in the Diamond Manufacturing field, he has worked with some of the best known companies of the Indian Diamond Industry.

Together they make an immensely versatile and talented team, and that’s what makes Sphere different and special. They perfectly complement each other.


The Sphere Family

Passion for Design and excellence is instilled in each and every member of the Sphere family, This invariably translates into their products and services.

Sphere owes its success to the contribution and dedication of its entire team.



Sphere is the most basic geometric form available in nature. In fact the entire universe lends itself to the spherical form. It seemed to be the most appropriate form to depict ‘Eternity’ or ‘Timelessness’ that our jewels stand for.


Sphere logo reflects the design sensibilities and style of the Brand. The form of two ribbons folded into a Sphere, can be interpreted in several ways
It represents the union of two forces: Mind & Body in the Soul or Man & Woman in a Child.
It depicts the spirit of life with its waves, folds and rhythm.
It conveys the spirit of giving and gifting which connects two people into a bond.
Its similarity to the infinity symbol is deliberate, as Sphere products are about timeless beauty.
It has been Sonali's signature mark since her college days and the ‘Symbol of Eternity’ that graces all jewels crafted at Sphere.

Sphere is
the smallest atom
the biggest star
the entire universe
the most basic form of life
that which has no beginning or end —
just like the eternal journey of the soul;
like the abode of the divine power
or the aura of a splendid gem

- Sonali Sheth

Put in the just two words our slogan "Treasure Forever!™" truly encapsulates all that is 'Sphere'.

Vision & Values


While on her scholarship tour to UK, France and Italy, sponsored by De Beers, Sonali got a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity to interact with some of the world’s biggest jewellers and luxury brands like Cartier, Boucheron and Chanel.
Inspired by their fascinating journey, Sonali envisioned, “An Indian Jewellery brand that would be recognized and coveted globally for its unique designs , craftsmanship and service.”

It is this vision that guides Sphere even today.


Sphere has been built on the foundation of strong principles imbibed in Sonali and Premal by their parents and grandparents. We consider our value system as a family legacy that guides us at all times.

The 4 pillars of Values that everyone in Sphere stands committed to are:

  • Innovation in Design
  • Excellence in Craftsmanship
  • Dedication in Service
  • Integrity in Business


Sphere Design Jewellery

  • Selected amongst the Top Ten Jewellery Houses of Surat in 2012 by ‘TheMean’ – a Lifestyle magazine publication based in Surat.
  • Best Necklace Design – Swayamwar Wedding Show 2010.
  • Covered by national television channels like CNBC, NDTV and CNN-IBN for Innovative Designer Diamond Rakhi Collection in August 2007.
  • 2nd Prize as a manufacturing sponsor for the IIGJ Jewellery Design Competition 2005.

Sonali Pratik Sheth

Major Awards
  • Overall Winner: All India De Beers Jewellery Design Competition 1998.
  • Winner of Scholarship Study Tour to UK, France, Italy sponsored by DTC (Diamond Trading Corporation), London, in 1998.
  • Gold Trophy: Tahiti Pearl Trophy India 2003-2004.
  • Felicitation by Surat Chamber of Commerce for Entrepreneurial Achievements of a Woman in the Field of Gems and Jewellery in 2006.
  • Appointed as a Judge for selecting the best pieces of Jewellery at the Swayamwar Wedding Show 2012.
  • Design Selected for International Online Exhibition called ‘Differences Unite Us’ by Ganoksin Project USA in 2012.
Major Projects
  • Selected to design Crown for Idol of Lord Sahastrafanaa Parshwanath, in an ancient Jain temple that uses 2.5kg gold and 250cts diamonds in 2006.
  • Also did Crown Design for Lord Chintamaniji at Shahpore, Surat – in the 500 year old heritage temple in 2007.
  • Best Graduation Project S.N.D.T in 1998.
  • Best Embellished Collection at Chrysalis Fashion Show, SNDT in 1998.


Design is what makes Sphere different.

Art, Culture and Technology seamlessly integrate into its designs.

Jewels are conceived based on either:

1. Inspirations
2. Trends
3. Purpose
and are crafted after a long and thorough Design Development process.

Signature Collections

are designed exclusively by Sonali, based on various themes that inspire her.
It may be nature, or an experience or an abstract feeling that she tries to depict in her creations
Over the years her collections have garnered tremendous appreciation across age groups, genders and sections of society, as they have an innate universal appeal.

Custom Designs

In addition to her collections Sonali also likes to do Special Orders by appointment. It gives her an opportunity to interact with the customers and know their personality and requirements in order to come up with an ideal design solution for them.

"Each piece is a work of art, each piece has a story to tell."
- Sonali Sheth


Craftsmanship at Sphere is almost a religion!!
The thrust on excellence in production starts right from the design stage.

Experimentation for Innovation

Sonali enjoys experimenting with designs both on paper and hands-on in the workshop. A complete understanding of Jewellery manufacturing process, years of experience at the studio, and valued input of skilled craftsmen, result in true innovation in Sphere’s products.

Traditional Techniques vs. Modern Technology

At Sphere, tradition is fused with technology, and the craft of jewellery making is explored beyond its conventional boundaries.
Ancient techniques like Enamelling are used alongside the most modern Computer Aided Design softwares to create splendid artistry in metal.

Sonali loves to keep herself abreast with the latest technological developments in the field of jewellery manufacturing.

The Sphere team is trained from time to time in new techniques and technology to be able to use the best tools and techniques to make awe-inspiring products with excellent finishing.

Quality Control

Sphere’s craftsmen are thoroughly trained in all stages of the manufacturing process - hand fabrication, CAD, casting, diamond setting, polishing, plating etc.
At each of these stages complete care is taken to push the standards of quality towards excellence.
In fact, many a times production is stopped and the process begins from scratch to make that perfect masterpiece.


When you choose to own a Sphere product you are assured of impeccable quality standards that one expects from a premium product.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
Each piece is manufactured in our own workshop, under strict supervision and has to pass through numerous levels of quality control before it is delivered to our customers.

Each piece is hallmarked with The Sphere “Insignia of Eternity” as well as Gold karatage and Diamond weight.


We mainly use 18kt yellow or white gold . We also use 22kt or 14kt as per design requirement.


We use VVS, VS and SI clarity and G, H colour of Diamonds (According to GIA grading system) as per clients requirement and the products are certified accordingly.

Coloured Stones

Precious and semi-precious Gemstones are carefully sourced and selected based on design or client’s preference.

Other Materials

Unusual supporting materials like wood, plastics & cloth are also used if the design requires them.


Every Sphere craftsmen is taught to understand the value of precision and finishing. It has been our constant endeavor to create jewels that are at par with highest international quality standards.

Guarantee Card & External Certification

Sphere products come with a Certificate of Lifetime Guarantee and we also assist clients in getting them certified by External Authenticating Agencies like GIA or IGI.


Once you decide to purchase a product from Sphere, you become a part of the Sphere Family.

For us it’s not just about making a beautiful product. It’s about making it look good on the wearer, making the customer happy and ultimately nurturing a beautiful relationship.
Clients trust us whole heartedly for all their jewellery requirements, as they are assured of quality service, genuine care and correct advice.

Our elaborate services include:

  • Guidence
    • Selection advice
    • Knowledge about materials
    • Explanation of Quality Parameters
    • Guidance on Trousseau planning and buying gems & Jewellery
  • Custom Orders
    • Design Services by appointment
    • Constant update about the progress of the orders
    • Trial fittings
  • Support
    • Advice on care and cleaning of jewels
    • Personalised packaging & gift wrapping
    • Lifetime Guarantee Card
    • External Certification of Jewels
    • Repairs
    • Exchanges
    • Returns

Friends of Sphere

Friends of Sphere aims to be an exciting and fun community space for people who love Sphere, the brand, its products and services. Sphere wants to make it a fun and enriching experience for our patrons, that goes beyond the traditional concept of jewellery buying.

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We have always believed in going one step further for our clients. The Sphere team has always strived to nurture the love and trust of their customers through awe-inspiring products and genuine services.

It’s a feeling of great pride for Sphere to be something their customers love to talk about.

Let us see how Sphere has succeeded in delighting its clients with moments that they would 'Treasure Forever'.