About Sphere

  1. I have never made an online purchase before, how can I be sure that Sphere is reputable?
    Since its inception in 2004, Sphere has slowly and steadily carved a niche for itself in Surat, the diamond city of India, as one of the best places for designer diamond jewellery.
    Design, Craftsmanship, Service and Integrity are the pillars on which we have achieved this steady success.
  2. Why should I choose Sphere over a local jeweler?
    None of our designs are run of the mill.
    We take lot of efforts to design our pieces and present them to you.
    Design, Craftsmanship and Service are the pillars on which we have built the trust of our customers.
    Besides that, obviously, the website is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week - we also offer phone support from 11-7pm Mon-Sat, and email support within 24 hrs. Our design team is available for any support needed while making your purchase. We also offer personal appointments with our Creative head, and award winning jewellery designer, Sonali for special orders.
    We offer 100% certified products and make sure that your order reaches to you exactly the way you have envisioned
  3. Is there a Sphere store that I may visit?
    Our boutique and workshop are located in Surat. All customers are most welcome to visit it. The store timings are 11am-8pm Mon to Sat
    We also have an office in Mumbai which you may choose to visit on appointment We would be glad to co-ordinate any personal assistance required there.
  4. Where else are Sphere products available
    We do jewellery and wedding shows and exhibitions across the country.
    Espcially Gujarat and Mumbai. We would love to greet you there. For a personal invite, do send us your request and contact details.


  1. Do I need to register before purchasing the product?
    Registration is necessary to make a purchase on worldofsphere.com. Registered users also receive special promotions, discounts and other incentives that may not be available to the Guest users.

Website Browsing

  1. How do I know that your diamonds are authentic?
    Each product of Sphere is doubly certified. One, by an accredited agency (e.g. GIA, or IGI) and one by us. We will provide the certificates along with the product.
  2. How safe is my personal information?
    Your personal details are secure and will not be shared out to any third party.
  3. Are my payments details secure?
    Yes, all your payment details remain confidential and private. Sphere and our trusted payment gateway partners use SSL encryption to protect your information.


  1. How do I understand which finger ring size/bracelet size will fit me? Do you have a size chart?
    Refer to our sizing guide.
  2. Are there any hidden charges?
    There are no hidden charges. The prices shown on the website are final. All our prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and other applicable taxes. Shipping and delivery is FREE with India.
  3. Can I send a personalized message with the product?
    Please email our Customer Care team at info@worldofsphere.com Or call us at +91 9825198669 or +91-261-3250400 (11am - 6pm IST, Monday – Friday)
  4. Can I customise an order?
    All are designs are customizable. We give you the option to choose the metal type (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silve), gold karat (18k, 14k) and gemstone.
    You can even engrave your jewelry with your desired message, for FREE. You can also send us a design of your choice and we will make it for you.
  5. Can I get the size changed after placing an order?
    Yes, we will resize the ring FREE of cost, within 90 days of purchase. But we can typically re-size rings up to one size up or down.

Merchandise Returns

  1. What is your return policy?
    Your complete satisfaction with our product is guaranteed or Items may be returned or exchanged within thirty days of receipt. Please note that to be eligible for return, items must be in their original purchase condition, include all product documentation, and shipped within 30 days.
  2. Will I have to pay for shipping the product back to you?
    Yes, the customer bears the shipping cost to return the piece to Sphere. However, for our customer's convenience we have contracted with our domestic and international carriers to offer you discounted shipping rates when returning the item to us. In case of a resizing request, manufacturing defect or a special circumstance we will cover the return shipping cost as well.
  3. How do I return the product to Sphere within 30 days?
    Call our customer care team and you will be given a Return Authorization Code, once you let us know about the item you would like to return along with your Order number.
    We will courier you a Sphere tamper proof package. This will come pre-printed with our return address and unique serial number. It will also have the Return Authorization code, your Name and Address on the outside return area.
    Secure your jewellery with the original packing materials and certificate in the tamper proof package provided by Sphere. Note that once the package is sealed, it cannot be opened unless destroyed.
    Once your package is ready, just call our customer care team and we will send a courier to pick it up from you.You will have to pay the shipping cost to the courier at time of pick up. Once the returned item is received by Sphere and goes through our quality control team, your refund or new item will be processed shortly.
  4. How long will it take Sphere to process my merchandise return?
    On the average, about 4-5 business days from the time we receive your item, enter it into our system, and pass it along to our Quality Assurance department (roughly 24 hours, Monday-Friday). For returned items, please allow an additional 2-3 days before the outbound package is shipped.
  5. Will I be notified during the merchandise returns process?
    Yes. Once your package arrives at Sphere head office, it takes 1-2 business days before you receive an e-mail alerting you that your return is being processed.
  6. When should I expect to receive my return credit?
    For Indian Customers, allow 3-5 business days from the time of the confirmation e-mail for the funds to reach your account, from there, processing time may vary depending on your credit card company's funds transfer policy. For international credits, allow up to 7-10 additional days (M-F).
  7. Will Sphere update me during the return process?
    Yes. You'll receive an e-mail from us alerting you that your return has been received, then another one alerting you it's been passed along to our Quality Assurance department. For returned items, we'll send you an e-mail with a shipping confirmation on the day it ships.

Lifetime Exchange Policy

  1. What is your Lifetime Exchange/ Return Policy?
    We at Sphere, strive very hard to bring to you breathtaking design collections, month after month, year after year. We are very proud of our brilliant craftsmanship and impeccable service. We take great pains to make sure that the piece reaches to you as you have envisioned.
    We are a designer boutique company and do not offer huge discounts or complete Buy-Backs
    But we do offer a very customer friendly LIFETIME EXCHANGE POLICY
    We understand that you might want to exchange your jewellery for a new design or upgrade to a large piece in future. Our thrust has always been to build a lifelong personal relationship with each of our customers and to make your special moments more joyous.
    You can return any product to the company under the lifetime exchange policy and buy any new product of your choice on our website or at our store or at one of our exhibitions
    At any time after the purchase the product is eligible for the exchange.
    Most Jewelry products shall be exchanged at 80% of prevailing market value.
    For detailed information - Read our complete Exchange Policy


  1. Are discounts available?
    We are very proud of our products and do not believe in huge discounting. But we do have special offers and promotions for our subscribers from time to time. You can avail of them by subscribing to the Sphere email list.


  1. How is my order packaged?
    For standard orders within India, we ship using secure, non-descript packaging material. Inside, you'll see an elegantly branded gift packaging of Sphere - ideal for gifting or personal storage.
  2. Can I track my order?
    Yes. On the day of shipment we'll email you shipping confirmation that includes order-tracking information. You'll be kept informed of the transportation process at every step.
  3. What if I am unavailable when the product is delivered?
    You will receive a call before the delivery; if you are not available the courier company shall try and deliver the product on two more occasions on the following days, after which the product will be returned back to Velvetcase. In such a case you will have to pay all costs for re-shipment and handling.

Diamond And Jewellery

  1. Which shape gives me the greatest value for my money?
    Round brilliant diamond has the most brilliance, and the most popular Fancy diamonds look more elegant in larger sizes. Also, they tend to look larger than they are by virtue of their shape. The choice of shape is also governed by the shape of the hand and Diamond Colour and Diamond Clarity. Round brilliant diamond hides defects and yellow tints the best.
  2. Is the shape of diamond the same as cut?
    No. They are different. The real "cut" as it is referred to deals with the quality of the final product in terms of its maximising the return of light. Four shapes of diamonds are the most popular: Round (or brilliant), Emerald, Marquis and Pear.
  3. Does Sphere sell Conflict Free diamonds?
    Yes, Rest assured, all our raw material , including diamonds are sourced from extremely reliable sources who comply with the Kimberly Process.
  4. What is the shape of diamond used in an engagement ring?
    The most common is the round brilliant cut. It reflects more light back from the table, accounting for the beauty of the diamond. Some prefer the pear or marquis. The emerald cut is less common in sizes less than 1 carat. The value of the stone is affected in some cases by shape. Shapes other than round are called “Fancies.”
  5. Is it important that I buy a diamond that is accompanied by a certificate?
    Yes. Buying with a certificate from a recognized authority such as the GIA or IGI means that your diamond has the credentials to be recognized worldwide as a valuable item. Resale values of diamonds drop drastically when unaccompanied by a certificate. Also, a certificate makes you sure about the authenticity and purity of your diamond.
  6. For further info refer to Knowledge section of the website