Franchise Stores

  • We are looking forward to build fulfilling partnerships with like minded people who wish to promote our jewelry collections.
  • In-turn we ensure a continuous supply of new and exciting designs, along with marketing and point of sale material as well as assistance at every step.
  • Please contact us by email with the profile of your company and your C.Vs to initiate further query.

Brand Showcase Counter In Jewelry Stores

  • Indian Jewelers are still waking up to the worldwide trend of promoting designer brands in their stores.
  • We are very confident of our design creations and hence would encourage the jewelers to try Sphere collections at their store.
  • The best way for a jeweler to see if our products add value to their store, is to first dedicate a counter space to showcase mutually selected collections.
  • In turn we would definitely provide a mention in all our print and online ads as well as social media platforms and also support them with point of sale material and required assistance.
  • It is sure to be a win-win for both the sides.
  • Interested jewelers can contact us via email..

Sphere Ambassador Program

  • This is a special program specifically for individuals who are professionals or having a background in art, design or jewelry or business or who simply have a good network and social skills to promote Sphere in their own Individual way.
  • We can help them hold shows and support them with all products and sales materials.
  • They will be acknowledged by us both in offline and online media and social networks.
  • They will be like extended members of our TEAM .
  • There will only be one or max two Ambassadors of Sphere per City.
  • And we are looking for the most suited person for this purpose.
  • Do send in your C.Vs or profiles for further discussion if you are interested.

Become An Affiliate / Host An Event

  • Any individual can become an affiliate of Sphere and host small events for a group of min 20 people.
    1) Doctors meet
    2) Kitty parties
    3) Get togethers
    4) Midday Brunches. etc

Sphere can partially or fully Sponsor the event, depending upon the selected criteria.
To discuss the benefits and procedures in detail-please contact